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Happy 1st Birthday Petites!

Posted by: Sifra Ceawlin on: February 5, 2013

Petites Kingdom is celebrating the first birthday of Petites with a 10-day party! From February 1-10th, visit Petitesfest to shop new releases and fun birthday attire, with at least one item on each cart for $L100 or less! Our cart holds our Veronica new releases, as well as a new gorgeous blue color of our […]

Roses are Red Hunt

Posted by: Sifra Ceawlin on: February 5, 2013

The Roses are Red Hunt runs from February 1-28, 2013. It has two paths, we are in the Small Avatar path with this creation. Have fun!

Winter Romance Hunt

Posted by: Sifra Ceawlin on: December 17, 2012

Below is our Winter Romance Hunt items! Have fun!

Polar Petites Hunt

Posted by: Sifra Ceawlin on: November 15, 2012

Beginning today (Nov. 15th) is the Polar Petites Hunt, in which Sister Fate* Petites is participating! You may visit their website for more information and the starting point. Below is a photo of our hunt gift: Good luck and have fun!

Pixie Sticks Hunt!

Posted by: Sifra Ceawlin on: July 5, 2012

Sister Fate* is participating in the Pixie Sticks Hunt, which begins July 1st and runs through July 31st. There are many amazing gifts in this hunt, so I wouldn’t miss it! See below for what we’re offering. Have fun!