Sister Fate* Petites


Sister Fate* is co-owned by Dax Dover and Sifra Ceawlin. We enjoy the process of bringing our artistic styles into the world of Second Life©. Currently, we offer a selection of apparel, shoes, and accessories for Petite Mesh Avatars.

Please read below for more about us.

Dax Dover

I first came to Second Life© in 2007.  Like so many other residents of this virtual world, I’ve dabbled in many things.  I can build simple structures, design pretty dresses, and make other things like gestures and poses.  It is tremendously fun and satisfying to help create the world I live in.  Since the fall of 2010, I have also been enjoying the arts of fashion modeling and photography in Second Life© and have a few pictures on my Flickr page.

I believe in the power of the imagination.  I believe that if enough of us focus hard and long enough, we can create the kind of world we all dream about, where all good things are possible.  And I believe we can start doing that right now, right here.

Sifra Ceawlin

I joined Second Life© in mid-2007 and played regularly until the end of 2008, when I took a short hiatus. I returned in the Spring of 2009 and have been enjoy exploring the vast and varied world since. From day one, I’ve been a Fae. The moment I saw a pair of freebie wings at a shop for new-comers, I knew what I wanted to be in the virtual world. For over two years now I’ve been a small avatar. It all began with the Micro Pixie and as soon as the Petite Mesh Avatars came out, I’ve been a Petite. I’ve always wanted to be a small pixie-like being and so this is how I plan to stay!

I’ve always been an avid role-player. From tabletop in highschool to text-based RPG on AOL  in the 90’s and then visual-based games in the early-to-mid 2000’s. Second Life© is very much like a role-playing game, except there are no “end goals” and no points to rack up. It is what you make of it and can be as boring or exciting as you make it! My favorite part is that you can create anything you can dream up and share it with others. Sister Fate* is a wonderful creative outlet for me to make the pretty things that all Fae want to wear.