Sister Fate* Petites

Participating in Itty Bitty Hunt

Posted by: Sifra Ceawlin on: May 26, 2012

Sister Fate* will be participating in the first grid-wide hunt for Petites – the Itty Bitty Hunt! The theme for the first hunt is Quest for the Holy Grail, which basically means all the hunt items will be Medieval, Renaissance, or antique in theme. Think knights in shining armor, maidens in flowing gowns, stuff you’d find at a Renaissance Faire, and Medieval gothic items.

The hunt begins June 1st and will run all month long, through June 30th. There are lots of amazing shops participating, so you’ll want to make time for this one! As soon as the hunt begins, I’ll post more information here. And, of course, there will be a teaser photo for our hunt item! So stay tuned!