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Crazy Hair Hunt – Petite Hair

Posted by: Sifra Ceawlin on: April 9, 2012

I know there are always more hunts than time in Second Life, but I found one that might interest Petites – the Crazy Hair Hunt. I have only been to a handful of the participating shops in this hunt, but I found at least two stores in this hunt have hair sized specifically for Petites. They are listed below.

  • ((RIPE)) has ‘Spring Lily hair’ in both regular and Petite sizes.
  • Skinthesis has ‘Chia Mia’ hair in both regular and Petite sizes.

If I come across any other shops participating in this hunt that include a Petite sized hair, I’ll let you know here. Also, don’t forget, if hair has modify permissions, just use resize script to shrink it and you’re good to go. If you take photos of your crazy hair, why not post them in the Crazy Hair Hunt Flickr Pool? Happy hunting!